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Service and perks included with American Express Platinum

I recently signed up for an Amex Platinum card after being a Blue Cash customer for six years. I was interested in taking it for a spin to understand the perks associated with the card. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like American Express does a very good job capturing or keeping this list up to date.

This is a list of services I’ve had to discover and set up myself. I’ll add to it as I find more.

Centurion lounge access
Nothing to set up, just show your card. Only four airports available so far.

Priority Pass lounge access
Sign in with your American Express card account at https://rewards.americanexpress.com/olet/splash?campaignId=plpp0401&offerType=platinumprioritypass

This is only a Priority Pass Select account which excludes access to United lounges.

2x Membership Rewards on Uber
Instructions at https://get.uber.com/amex/

Free Boingo wifi access
Sign up at http://www.boingo.com/americanexpress