CS and the City Sean Lynch

I love my new Kindle

If I were to write a review, the title of this post would be the eventual conclusion. That said, let me bullet point out the pros and cons:

Things I really like

  • Great Customer Service: My first one was defective when received (Back button was broken). A call to customer service had one automated menu, a real person, and a next-day replacement in under fifteen minutes
  • I can convert PDFs using Amazon’s converter
  • I can read anywhere, while only hauling a perfect sized tablet around
  • Cute female book nerds everywhere are stopping me to ask “Is that the new Kindle?”

Things I don’t like

  • Amazon is wasting the annotations feature by just dumping the results in a txt file
  • The bookstore’s coverage is relatively weak
  • I’m buying into the worst of DRM lock-in: I can’t give books to other people and I can’t read the files outside of my Kindle (and the Kindle app on iPhone)