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OSX 10.5 not ejecting mounted .DMGs

I’ve found that Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) isn’t always ejecting mounted DMG files in the usual methods (i.e. dragging to trash, right clicking and choosing eject, you know, the way it should work).

I found the following command works until Apple fixes the bug. Next time, I’ll also try using Disk Utility (thanks to the guys on Apple support forums for both tips).

Open up a terminal, cd to /Volumes, get the name of a mounted DMG file, and try like this:

(in my case the volume was /MailTags2.2b4):

maggie:Volumes blloyd$ hdiutil detach MailTags2.2b4
“disk1″ unmounted.
“disk1″ ejected.

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