CS and the City Sean Lynch

Motorola does something very right

Yes, the RAZR has been an iPod scale hit. ROKR less so , though a step in the right direction. And my personal favourite, the SLVR, has been doing well for itself too.

But Motorola has completely outdone itself now with what they’re calling the Motofone, which is what I’ve been asking for all along: just give me a good, solid phone. No Video taking, Britney Spears playing, light show raving, king of none phone for me. I just want something to store my numbers and sound reasonable.

Motorola realized that I’m not crazy, built one, and then made it pretty, and now they want to charge me $50 straight up, not after handing over my first born to the cell phone companies.

Not only am I going to buy one as soon as it is available, but if there ever was a phone to start a co-op wireless network with, this would be it. I wonder if Nortel would want to donate a GSM tower…