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First details of Office 2007 for Mac

APC Magazine has brand spanking new deets on the next version of Office for Mac. Sounds like the new version will be adopting some of the new UI features from its windows cousin (which I have used and have been blown away by) as well as the new XML file formats. Check out the full APC article on the upcoming features.

I really like the interview with Mary Starman, group product manager for Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit.

At this early stage the product is known only by its version number as ‘Office 12′. “That won’t be the name it goes to market with — we’ll have something brilliant, like the year it launches, as the name!” laughs Mary Starman

If the product manager is having this good of a time during an interview, working for the team must be quite the experience. Anyone from Microsoft for Mac interested in a co-op student next year?